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Frick's Farmstead is a small family farm located in the beautiful state of Maine. Our mission is to provide fresh, delicious, humanely raised products.

Our Products

Pasture Raised Chicken

We're proud to offer our customers pasture raised, whole chicken.  Our chickens are naturally raised on pasture and fed a non GMO feed.  We humanely process our chickens here on our farm. They range in weight starting at 3.5 pounds up to 5.5 pounds.  All chicken is sold whole and frozen per state law.  We are licensed to sell our chicken in the state of Maine.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Farm Fresh Eggs

Our farm fresh eggs are supplied by our spoiled hens!  Eggs are offered at $3 per dozen.  

Quantities are limited, so please call to be added to our customer list.  Fresh eggs really do taste better! 


Grassfed Lamb

Frick's Farmstead is excited to offer grassfed lamb.  We are licensed to sell our pre-packaged, USDA inspected meat directly from our farm.  Our lamb comes from our flock of Katahdin sheep. This meat breed is native to us here in Maine.  Mild in flavor, we feel the taste is superior to other lamb meat we've tasted.  We offer either pre-packaged cuts, or you may purchase either a half or whole lamb on the hoof.  If you choose to purchase on the hoof, we will transport your purchased lamb to a USDA inspected processing facility.  You can pick your cuts up here at the farm.  Please call the farm, or email (see below) for more information.   



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Frick's Farmstead

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